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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Woke Up to Pitter Patter on the Roof....

More rain in the forecast for today. I love all the spring showers as we are going to have one humdinger of a wildflower showing!

Waterfalls off Table Mountain, near Lake the views driving into town. Soon these hills will be covered in golden orange poppies and all the other little spring blossoms.
All the little streams are making their way down to the lakes......

Coming up on Eagle Point and the descent down to the lake.....

What a majestic view - left over from volcanic activity eons ago! 
These are shots we enjoy every trip into town  and back - though the road is curvy and a bit narrow in places, this makes it so worth it all. 
In just a few short weeks, this hill will be covered in orange....stay tuned! 

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