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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missed Opportunities

While trying to always be ready for that 'special' shot, I missed two the other day. The first was of a bald eagle chasing an osprey (fish eagle) carrying a fish that it just picked up from the lake. The larger bald eagle made the osprey drop its catch and then swooped down to get it as it landed on the water.
What a site that was, and one rarely seen here on our lake. And of course, I was not camera-ready.
The second missed shot was of a flock of ten or more wild turkeys that flew across the road right in front of our car on the way back home - that's twice in one day! I had just put my camera away, thinking we were almost home and wouldn't need it anymore. I think I will always have my camera on my lap from now on, and I will be ready next time!

Here is a shot that didn't get away....... 

It is so nice when they stand still and pose for you. 

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