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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The weather man was predicting rain, but it was a white, puffy cloud day........ So, off we go on our "fun" of my favorite things to do are country drives.

The grass is getting greener with every rain shower....
It did threaten a little rain.......

But down the road we went......
Someone we met along the way......
Why, it's Woody!
Woody has a beautiful home!

One of the many streams running through the hills right now.
And, just because I love old barns.......
There are many types in our area.
.........and scattered through our hills.

.......ooops, we had to do a turnaround here!
And, I did find an old treasure - a very worn and much loved old dresden plate quilt! It is a 'cutter' - which means to repair or cut up to make other special treasures (this is something I can only do if there is no hope for the quilt) - another project for another day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I love to be indoors too - some of my favorite things.......

Grandma's Windmill Quilt - The first quilt I completely hand-quilted.

My Stitchin' Chair - More projects than I have time for!

My Sewing Corner.... 'bout some brownies for all that hard work!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The roads are a bit crooked, but the views are spectacular!

Herd of Black Angus
Ruins of old Butte Store - Hwy 49

Old abandoned Homestead
Herd of goats on Pool Station Road
Crossing the stream on Pool Station Road

Old Barn on Henley Ranch
Black Creek - just down the hill from our home - It was a nice day - Hope you had a good time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of rain and wind - which blew down 2 bird feeders, and this one crashed on the class-top table and broke!

Little birds are scrambling for food in the rain - the leftover biscuits I left on the railing are all gone! The one at the upper right is enjoying the remnants of one. :)

This one is hunting under the birches, but no cover here to stay dry....
A flock of meadowlarks and some great northern flickers feed in the field in back.
We make a trip into town and the rain and wind has let up - view taken from the window of the car, as we are moving down the road.....lots of water standing in the fields.
These are our roads..........pretty much a roller coaster ride!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a little about me........

I am a wife - our 50th anniversary is this April (we married in our teens and were high school sweethearts) - Mom to 2 and Nana to 5 grands.

We live in California's Mother Lode area of the Sierra Nevada foothills. We like to call it "God's Country" – as we love it so.
It is a very historic area, and we have a lot of fun exploring it and all the little towns here.

We live on one acre, and though we don't own any animals, there are lots that hang out here…..a covey of quail in the berry bush by the back fence, lots of birds that keep my feeders busy, coyotes in the field next to the back fence, hawks and owls (who keep the gopher and mole population down, but haven't seemed to hurt our quail numbers), rabbits and squirrels, and probably a raccoon or two, as they sometimes raid our neighbor's cat food. Oh, I forgot the deer – they love to snack on our garden and fruit trees!
Someday, I would like to have chickens, and maybe some pets, but will have to wait until we quit traveling so much.

It is so nice to "meet" all of you and I welcome your comments about your lives and all about where you live.