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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The weather man was predicting rain, but it was a white, puffy cloud day........ So, off we go on our "fun" of my favorite things to do are country drives.

The grass is getting greener with every rain shower....
It did threaten a little rain.......

But down the road we went......
Someone we met along the way......
Why, it's Woody!
Woody has a beautiful home!

One of the many streams running through the hills right now.
And, just because I love old barns.......
There are many types in our area.
.........and scattered through our hills.

.......ooops, we had to do a turnaround here!
And, I did find an old treasure - a very worn and much loved old dresden plate quilt! It is a 'cutter' - which means to repair or cut up to make other special treasures (this is something I can only do if there is no hope for the quilt) - another project for another day.


  1. what a wonderful blog you have! thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!!!

  2. OH!!!!!!!! I just love your blog ~ I am so happy to have found it through OWOH ~ what a blessing this ride has been! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos with us!
    Hugs, Nancy & Angus been!