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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photos of the Day

       Well, Mother Nature paid little attention to my daffodils, and listened to that ground hog - so we have had blustery, rainy weather. But don't you worry, my little yellow bloomers will be ever so bright and pretty when that sun comes back out!

   This was taken at early morning sunrise - looking northwest from our back porch. 

.......there's a storm a brewin'.........

.....too wet to work in the fields....

How do ya like our roads? They make for an interesting photo shoot, as we drive along.....

The rain is letting up, and the blue sky is showing through.

I call this one "rain shine".

The rain showers filled up the stream by the Old Henley Ranch barn.


  1. Just breathtaking! How blessed you are to live in God's country ~ I just read your profile ~ my goodness ~ married 50 years and high school sweethearts ~ warms my heart just thinking about it!
    Hugs, Nancy & Angus

  2. Oh it's beautiful! I love that part of the country! (I'm from San Francisco.) Thank you for visiting and entering OWOH - I hope you will be back! I will be back to visit you later as well!